Aluminum Etching Technology Gains Patent

December 1, 2017

Houghton International Inc. and Houghton Technical Corp. gained a U.S. patent for its aluminum acid-etching technology, formulated to provide a premium matte finish at low gloss values with minimum aluminum dissolution. The technology is said to significantly reduce etch time, cut waste sludge by more than 50 percent and perform at lower temperatures as compared to conventional caustic etching. This process provides a uniform matte finish, hides extrusion lines and is not sensitive to zinc contamination.

“We are proud of our acid etch technology and the value this innovation has created for our customers,” says Kyle Poyta, global director of metal finishing. “Every day our team is in the field listening to customers and providing solutions that help them improve their product quality and business performance. This technology has revolutionized the etch process in the aluminum-finishing industry.”

Houghton Metal Finishing:
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