Updated ERP Software More Collaborative, More Responsive

July 1, 2014

Epicor Software Corp. Austin, TX, has released Epicor ERP version 10, loaded with features to support today’s business imperatives of social collaboration, deployment flexibility, accelerated performance and broad device accessibility. Based on the five principles of collaboration, choice, responsiveness, simplicity and mobility, version 10 is designed, say company officials, to help organizations work better internally and externally, leveraging the knowledge and experience of the people and systems connected together throughout the supply chain.

Epicor ERP version 10—on premise, cloud or managed service—features a new touch-enabled intuitive user interface designed to work with touchscreen devices. It also embodies the evolution to a fully socialized system of engagement, as Epicor Social Enterprise delivers an extensive collaboration and personalization environment. Consumer-grade search-anywhere capabilities enable users to do cross-company searches, drill down into live information, and call and return data from any application in context, all from their own view into the ERP system.

Epicor: 512/328-2300; www.epicor.com/ERP10


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Technologies: Management, Tooling


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