Reduce Hours Wasted Converting Complex BOM Data into Production Requirements

January 1, 2014

Exact JobBoss, Minneapolis, MN, has released JobBoss BOM Import, which automates the complex and time consuming process of entering bill-of-material (BOM) data into production requirements. The software captures data from a single or multi-level BOM structure and imports it into JobBoss to create quotes and jobs. In addition, assemblies and materials listed in the BOM that are not entered into JobBOSS can be automatically created to ensure the material structure is in place for the quote or order.

“JobBoss customers identified a need to reduce the significant number of hours required to manually enter production data related to a BOM,” says senior product manager Sue Irby, and to reduce the number of errors that occur during the process.

The result: an automated import process that eliminates the need to manually enter BOM data as production requirements. Work that typically can take as long as a week of engineering and staff time now takes only minutes. And, the automation reduces the downstream consequences of having expensive, inaccurate requirements on the shop floor.

“JobBoss customers indicate a time savings of as much as 2 hr./day, per engineer,” adds Irby, “which provides a quick return on investment. The reduction of entry hours along with the increased accuracy of production requirements has a significantly positive impact on the shop’s overall operations.”

View a short demonstration video on the JobBoss website:

Exact North America: 800/468-0834;


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