Real-Time Machining Monitoring and Data Management

June 1, 2011

Makino, Mason, OH, introduces its MPmax (Machine Productivity Maximizer) real process-monitoring and data-management software, which allows a company to connect multiple machines on a single network to a centralized computer. “With MPmax, manufacturers can detect and react to bottlenecks on the fly,” says Makino’s Jim Brown, control software development manager. “Its remote monitoring capabilities allow manufacturers to stay up to date with machining processes even while they’re a from the shop floor.”

Data-management capabilities include status monitoring, machine utilization, alarms, probe data analysis, spindle and axis movement, machine power and tool management work scheduling. The ability to collect probe data and calculate the Cpk process capability index allows manufacturers to track performance and ensure quality. Spindle- and axis-monitoring technologies record and display axis forces, loads and speeds, data that can be used to fine-tune processes for faster cutting speeds and greater depths of cut.

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