Metalforming Case Studies Attest to ERP Successes

July 1, 2011

The Manufacturing ERP Experience rapidly approaches. Make your reservations now to attend this first-ever event, slated for August 23-24 in Chicago, IL, uniquely designed to provide metalformers an ideal opportunity to network with industry leaders fluent in ERP-software development and application. The event, presented by MetalForming magazine, features three keynote presentations from ERP-software gurus, on state-of-the-art software developments, implementation strategies and more.

Attendees also will hear from manufacturers as they present case studies describing successful ERP implementations from an ROI perspective. Learn how fastener manufacturer Termax Corp., Lake Zurich, IL, transitioned from on-premise ERP to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. Discussion points include inventory and lot-control management; visibility into outside service providers; integration to drive shop-floor scheduling, purchasing and shipping; implementation of EDI; and enhanced inventory traceability through bar coding.

Also on the agenda is a presentation from Arpac Group, Schiller Park, IL, an OEM manufacturer of packaging machines. Arpac began its lean journey by implementing a new ERP system tasked with minimizing human intervention into routine processes. This allows the firm’s resources to focus on value-added business activities. As a result, its cost of doing business has dropped.

A third case study, from executives at Automation Tool & Die, Inc. (ATD), Brunswick, OH, explains the company’s recent investment in ERP software. Attendees will learn how capacity planning via the ERP software has allowed the firm to reduce its steel inventory, optimize cash flow and improve on-time delivery performance.

Attendees of the event also will have the opportunity to kick the tires on ERP software solutions from Epicor, Plex, Global Shop Solutions, Sescoi and Consona.

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