Host of Nesting Improvements in New Software Release

January 1, 2018

SigmaTek Systems, a CAD/CAM nesting-product provider, has released the latest version of SigmaNest X1.3. Innovations include new CAD repair geometry, PDF and image import modules, and task-parameter dialog box; enhanced features for punching; new common-line punch features; and a new SigmaNest help center.

SigmaNest now is available as a 64-bit program, giving SigmaNest access to more memory on computers with a 64-bit operating system. In addition, nesting improvements allow the HD TrueShape Plus nesting engine to operate more quickly and efficiently, and to provide the best yield possible, according to company officials.

SigmaNest X1.3 also contains an advanced Pre-Form Punching feature that protects parts with formed features from damage by reordering the interfering hits, designating a crush zone around each forming hit and comparing it to the station diameter of nearby hits. If these zones overlap, the nearby hits are designated as preform punching hits, which can be reordered in Tool Sort. This update allows for greater efficiency and reduced material waste.

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