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ERP Upgrade Nets Improved Delivery, Lower Costs for Resistance-Welding Supplier

November 13, 2023

Epicor-Tuffaloy-Kinetic-ERP-resistance-weldingTuffaloy Products, with locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe, supplies resistance-welding consumables and accessories, and had been making do with an aged DOS-based green-screen enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

“We were one Windows update away from being out of business,” says Sean Simmons, president of the four-generation family owned company. “The system wasn’t built to drive growth or communicate with other platforms. Plus, we were acquiring companies to diversify and needed a way to onboard those organizations quickly and easily. Our existing system had us boxed in. 

“We don’t have a full-time IT staff,” he adds, “and I don’t want to invest in one. I want to partner with companies that are experts in IT, who can offer us the solutions, uptime and security we need.” 

Simmons and Tuffaloy Products found that with Epicor Kinetic. Immediate benefits included a highly intuitive interface, in-depth education and a robust feature set, including ease of working with multiple currencies and improved supply-chain visibility. 

The software has made the company’s entire business more metrics-driven and transparent, Simmons reports, resulting in employees feeling more connected to the company’s mission. 

“Automated dashboards at all sites project real-time KPIs so that each person can see his or her own impact on the business and how we are performing collectively,” he says.

One key benefit of the Epicor solution: API integration, which helps improve logistics by connecting to external applications such as FedEx and UPS. Epicor Kinetic also connects with Tuffaloy’s internal systems. 

“We have approximately 6500 products on our website, and store all the data in Epicor, making for easy updates and maintenance,” Simmons says. “the same is true with our custom ecommerce site for distributors; Epicor pushes all the data to the site for real-time order information.”

Enhanced visibility from Epicor Kinetic has resulted in increased on-time delivery in the United States, from 80 to 92 percent, and from 65 to 90 percent in Canada. Cash-cycle improvements include a 50-percent decrease in manufacturing overtime costs in the first year alone.

“As an example,” Simmons says, “we can now see the cash impact of a copper purchase—our primary raw material—in multiple timeframes. The software gives us the business intelligence needed to make critical decisions earlier and with a higher degree of confidence.”

And, by leveraging real-time data via the ERP software, Tuffaloy has been able to optimize its supply-chain performance through quick identification of potential inventory issues and automatic notification of impacted departments to enable them to take corrective action, such as using alternative suppliers or substituting components.

Simmons sees additional advantages ahead from his partnership with Epicor. He has plans to utilize Epicor machine learning and artificial-intelligence capabilities to improve forecasting and further optimize inventory levels. And, a project to automate sales orders is underway along with planned deployment of Epicor Data Analytics for improved budgeting.

Summarizing, “Epicor’s ERP gives us the business intelligence needed to make critical decisions earlier and with a higher degree of confidence,” Simmons says. “It is helping achieve my goal of improving Tuffaloy and leaving it in a stronger, future-ready position for the next generation.”

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