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ERP Release With New Capabilities

December 27, 2019

Epicor Software Corp. has announced its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and showcased it at FABTECH 2019. It provides new capabilities designed to support cloud adoption, improve the user experience and ensure global readiness by helping companies address pressing market challenges such as the changing workforce.

“The need to attract and retain talent is more important than ever, with more people currently leaving the manufacturing industry than joining,” says Terri Hiskey, vice president, product marketing for manufacturing, Epicor. “Offering a modern toolset for next-generation workers, reminiscent of how they already interact with mobile applications, will help give them the experience they anticipate. We’re offering our customers the ability to choose their update path with tools and solutions that allow them to get where they want, however they want—via cloud environments or on premise.”

Advancements in the new release (version 10.2.500) reportedly help companies grow their business with purpose-built technology solutions and leverage cloud capabilities, IoT, AI and big data. With greater access to ERP data and the automation of redundant tasks, organizations can gain greater visibility into their processes.

Innovations include:

  • Epicor Collaborate—cloud-based solution for collaboration and interaction processes, drives employee engagement by leveraging social media concepts to exchange information.
  • Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA)—AI-powered virtual agent provides a new set of skills to modernize the experience for everyday functions such as purchase order approvals and supplier order processes.
  • Epicor Service Pro—provides field service and mobile capabilities with time-saving automation tools that streamline service calls, schedule and dispatch, quote, work-order management, service contracts, asset tracking, and more.
  • Epicor Functions—new levels of flexibility that solve orchestration and integration challenges for cloud and on-premises customers.
  • New Cloud Data Centers—global cloud datacenters in Australia and Canada to better support more solutions built for cloud.

“Small to mid-sized companies are looking to ERP vendors to democratize the advancements that big companies are making and keep pace with innovation —helping them understand how cloud environments as well as tech advancements such as how AI and IoT can be integrated within their business portfolios and drive bottom-line profitability,” says Ray Wang, principal analyst and founder, Constellation Research. “Epicor is addressing this by offering ways for companies to start leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies with a clear path for growth.


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Mike N. SUN, FEB 23, 2020 @ 3:46 PM

Mike N. SUN, FEB 23, 2020 @ 3:46 PM

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