Plante Moran Partners with AFS to Offer a Data-Driven Mobility Forecast

October 29, 2020

Plante Moran has partnered with AFS, a provider of automotive-forecasting databases and business-intelligence solutions, to launch a new mobility forecast specifically for suppliers, as well as investors and other organizations. The forecast, customizable to the needs of specific users, allows all suppliers, regardless of size, to tap into industry data intelligence, functional action-planning checklists, financial modeling and management-consulting services.

“Our goal in developing the mobility forecast is to provide subscribers with an option to have access to data often affordable only to OEMs or large Tier 1 suppliers,” says Mark Barrott, a principal of Plante Moran and leader of the firm’s Mobility Intelligence Center. “As the future of mobility continues to evolve and change, we’re continuing to provide our clients with information on how to prepare for the future by making changes and investments now.”

The mobility forecast provides companies access to an online portal that provides:

•             Market intelligence, enabling suppliers to stay ahead of production-volume shifts and start-of-production (SOP) dates.

•             Integrated financial models, allowing suppliers to model and assess product and customer cost structure, profitability and cash-flow impacts, including critical short-term cash down to a weekly basis.

•             Scenario planning, providing a greater understanding of downside risks and upside opportunities for suppliers.

•             War-room support, enabling suppliers and Plante Moran consultants to identify potential weak links and develop proactive mitigation strategies.

•             Operational readiness, equipping suppliers to manage day-to-day operational issues while planning for rapid fluctuation and risks in customer demand and across the supply chain.

Learn more about the mobility forecast.

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