Upcoming Seminar: Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel: How Metal Properties Influence Formability

September 25, 2023

PMA presents Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel: How Metal Properties Influence Formability, an in-person seminar that also is available virtually, December 12-13, at PMA headquarters in Cleveland, OH.

Daniel J. Schaeffler, Ph.D., president of Engineering Quality Solutions, Inc., and author of MetalForming’s Metal Matters column, will lead the information-packed seminar. Topics across two full days include properties and characteristics of common sheet alloys used in metal stampings; language of sheet metal forming; aligning the needs of the part with the capabilities of your metal supplier; ensuring a smooth transition from tryout to production parts; and approaches to problem solving.

On day one, attendees will learn about sheet metal types and tests, highlighting stamping-process variables; sheet metal-formability characterization; differences in common sheet alloys; and how sheet metal selection impacts joining: welding, riveting and adhesive bonding.

Day two will focus on forming sheet metal, with instruction on how sheet metal production influences stamping performance; navigating certs and specifications; dimensional stability and springback; lubrication and friction; accounting for variability in simulation and in practice; practices for smooth production launch and throughout part life; and problem solving on the plant floor to improve stamping performance.

Schaeffler provides seminars on sheet metal formability for PMA, and is the lead content developer and presenter of the AHSS Metallurgy and Formability Training materials for the Auto/Steel Partnership. In addition, he is the metallurgy and forming technical editor of the WorldAutoSteel Advanced High Strength Steel Application Guidelines. Schaeffler serves on the SAE International Metals Technical Committee responsible for specification creation and modification, and is past president of the North American Deep Drawing Research Group.

The price to attend the Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel: How Metal Properties Influence Formability seminar for either in-person (including breakfast and lunch) or virtual is $499 for PMA members and $699 for nonmembers. Note that attendees are eligible for special hotel rates. Visit for details and to register, or contact Marianne Sichi, 216/901-8800 ext. 150.

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