Upcoming Seminar: Deep Draw Technology Boot Camp

June 7, 2022

August 9-11, PMA Headquarters, Independence, OH; also Virtual

An intensive three-day engineering and design event for tool and die makers, die designers, tooling engineers and apprentices, the Deep Draw Technology Boot Camp will be led by Pete Ulintz, PMA technical director and author of the Tooling By Design column in MetalForming magazine. 
The seminar offers a history of the deep drawing process and its basic tenets. Attendees also will develop a theoretical request for quote and learn design principles. Here’s a day-by-day breakdown:

Day 1: Receive a historical background of the deep drawing process, including commonly accepted—but often misapplied—rules-of-thumb. Learn in-depth the characteristics of deep drawing, shallow drawing, redrawing, reverse drawing, stretching and ironing, along with the influence that bending, straightening, friction, compression and tension have on each process.

Day 2: In a step-by-step approach, process a theoretical request for quote for a cylindrical part that includes estimating the number of draws and the blank size; calculating the required press-stroke length, tonnage and energy requirements; and selecting an appropriate press and determining the needed strokes/min. for the job.

Ulintz will present multiple methods for calculating draw-reduction limits and balancing draw-reduction ratios; selecting punch-nose profiles for drawing and redrawing; estimating blankholder forces; and selecting pressure systems. He’ll also review progressive-die applications and methods for solving draw-related problems.

Day 3: Learn how to determine the number of draws and the intermediate draw shapes for square and rectangular parts, and blank-shape-development methods. Also to be presented: design principles for drawing irregular shapes and developing addendum; blankholder shape, draw-bead-design options and draw-bead placement; and guidelines for drawing stainless-steel, aluminum and copper alloys.

Cost for the Deep Draw technology Boot Camp (in-person or virtual) is $499 for PMA members and $699 for nonmembers, with special hotel rates available. For details and to register, visit www.pma.org/technical/event.asp?productID=98985881 or contact Marianne Sichi at msichi@pma.org or 216/901-8800 ext. 150.

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