Track 3: Working with High-Strength Steels/Tool Steels (T3*)

The increasing use of high-strength steel (HSS) as the base material for stamped parts places ever greater demands on the tools used to make these parts. This track explores advances in tool steels, coatings and lubrication designed to combat the potentially harmful effects of HSS on tooling.

Advancements in Tool-Steel Technology

Metalforming conference

Brett Krause, technical manager, Bohler Uddeholm Corp. 

Tool Steel Failure Analysis in High-Strength-Steel Stamping Applications

Nick Tarkany, national sales manager,International Mold Steel

Tool-Coating Solutions for Forming High-Strength Steels
Bernie Janoss, business unit director,IonBond, LLC

Meeting the New Friction and Tooling Demands from Advanced High-Strength Steel

Jeff Jeffery, president & CEO, IRMCO 

Track 4: Servo-Press Technology (T4*)

Servo technology can bring benefits of hydraulic and mechanical presses in one machine. When are servo-driven presses ideal and in what applications are they most cost-effective? This track has the answers.

Effects of Control Slide Velocity
John Remington, sales, Minster Machine Co.

Direct-Drive Servo-Press Technology
David Stone, product manager-stamping, Amada America, Inc.

Servoing Better—Drive Designs  and Their Impact on Performance

Dietmar Schoellhammer, business unit leader-press systems, Schuler, Inc.

Controlled Fineblanking Press

Gilbert Schumaker, sales & marketing manager, Schmid Corp. of America

Tuesday, April 1

2 p.m.-4 p.m.

Two concurrent tracks

Track 5: Tooling Die Clinic (T5*)

Perforating sheetmetal demands much of punch tooling. Attend this clinic to find out all about punching and the tool wear that results, along with remedies to wear problems.

Tooling Die Clinic
Ken Bald, Dayton Progress Corp.

Track 6: Press Maintenance (T6*)

A press only makes money when it’s running. This track provides tips and advice on keeping your valuable stamping equipment in top shape over the long haul. 

Press Maintenance

Peter Campbell, president, Campbell Press Repair

Wednesday, April 2

9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Four concurrent tracks

Track 1: Advanced Tooling (W1*)

A variety of advanced tooling concepts, including new coating technology and methods for ensuring success in stamping high-strength steel, are explored in this track.

Tooling Design

Carl Meyer, president, Progressive Tool Co. 

Designing and Building Dies for High-Strength-Steel Stampings
Peter Ulintz, manager adv. prod. development,Anchor Manufacturing Group, Inc.

MIST (Molecular Infusion Surface Treatment)

Dwaine Stark, plant manager, Oak Ridge C3 Intl.

Track 2: Transfer Stamping (W2*)

Transfer technology continues to progress. Attend this track to find out what’s new and what the right transfer technology can do for your bottom line. Ideal for current transfer users as well as those exploring the transfer concept. 

Transfer Technology: A Spectrum of Applications & Examples

Dietmar Schoellhammer,business unit leader–press systems,Schuler, Inc.

High-Speed Tandem/Press-to-Press Transfer/strong>

Martin Mueller, product manager-press automation, Gudel, Inc.

Considerations for Transfer-Equipment Applications
Pat Cullen, sales manager, HMS Products Co.

Advanced Press Automation for Today’s Stamper 
Speaker TBD, AP&T North America

Track 3: Value Added for Stamping (W3*)

The ability to add value when making parts has proven to be a recipe for success for many stampers. Value-added processes are covered here, including in-die welding and assembly as well as quality control.

In-Die Welding
George Keremedjiev, president, Tecknow Educations Services, Inc.

Vision Systems— Tools for Quality Improvement
Dave Fletcher, area manager, Banner Engineering Corp.

In-Die QA for Assembly Systems
Alex Kessler, national sales manager, Neff Press, Inc.

Track 4: Automation/ Assembly (W4*)

An automated pressroom, when done right, can spell the difference between success and failure. Learn about the latest automation and automated-welding technology, and how it can boost your bottom line.

Increasing Production and Operator Safety through Use of Available Automation
Bruce Bean, sales engineer, Formtek-Maine

Building Japanese Machines in America: Why do U.S.-Based Companies Import Machines from Japan?
Jeff Turner, president, Turner Machine Co., Inc.

The Advantages of Servo Technology in the Pressroom

Brian VanLaar, account executive, Bosch Rexroth Corp.

Sensors In Robotic-Welding Cells

David Bird, automotive business development manager, Balluff, Inc.

Wednesday, April 2
2 p.m.-4 p.m.
Two concurrent tracks

Track 5: Basic Sensors (Fundamentals) (W5*)

Sensors promise quality and productivity improvements in metal stamping. Find out what’s the right sensor to use in an application, and how sensoring mistakes can be avoided. 

Basic Sensors
Jim Finnerty, product manager, Wintriss Controls Group of Honeywell

Track 6: Metal Finishing/Lubricants (W6*)

This track explores finishing options to best prevent corrosion and make parts more attractive to a customer.

Metal Finishing with Zinc: Meeting Changing Demands

Terry Windham, technical sales representative, Dixie Industrial Finishing Co.

Cleaning & Rust Protection of Stamped Parts

Steve Lowery, sales and marketing manager, Tower Oil & Technology Co.

Thursday, April 3
9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Three concurrent tracks

Track 1: Advanced Sensors (TH1*)

This all-inclusive track covers sensor technology for die protection and production of high-quality parts. Find out how in-die sensors work and where they work best, and find out what to do with the wealth of information that sensors provide.

In-Die Part-Quality-Measuring Sensors
George Keremedjiev, president, Tecknow Educations Services, Inc.

Starting a Good In-Die-Sensing Program

Scott Heitman, applications engineer, ODM Tool & Manufacturing Co., Inc.

50 Tips for Better Die Protection
Jim Finnerty, product manager, Wintriss Controls Group of Honeywell

Integrated Electronic Systems

Tom Mascari, vice president- engineering, Link Systems

Track 2: Die Setup/ Quick Die Change (TH2*)

The trend toward smaller part runs necessitates strategies to reduce downtime between stamping jobs. This track shows what technology is available to reduce job-changeover time and how to incorporate this technology into your operation.

Reducing Set-Up Time and Costly Accidents Using 10 Basic Rules

John Ford, president, Training Services

Proper Planning and Organization to Reduce Changeover Time

Gary Zunker, president, Lightning Time Savers

Track 3: Safety (TH3*)

Pressroom safety cannot be compromised. Find out what new regulations are coming that address pressroom safety, and how you can best protect employees and equipment.

Effect of New ANSI Mechanical Power Press Standard and Potential OSHA Standard Change

Jim Barrett, president, Link Systems

Integrating an OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System into an Existing ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Rodney Dahlin, president, Dahlin Consulting

Enhancing Workplace Safety through OSHA’s Cooperative Programs

Virginia Ames, compliance assistance specialist, OSHA, and Richard Sbroglia, safety director/ human resources manager,
E&E Mfg. Co.

Ergonomics in the Pressroom

Virginia Ames, compliance assistance specialist, OSHA MF

 Date & Time


 PMA Member

Tuesday, April 1
9 a.m.- 1p.m.

(T1) Press Technologies
(T2) Software
(T3) Working with HSS/Tool Steels
(T4) Sevo-Press Technology          







Tuesday, April1
2-4 p.m.

(T5) Die Clinic-The Tooling

(T6) Press Maintenance   





Wednesday, April 2
9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

(W1) Advanced Tooling

(W2) Transfer Stamping

(W3) Value Added for Stamping

(W4) Automation/Assembly









Wednesday, April 2
2-4 p.m.

(W5) Basic Sensors (Fundamentals)

(W6) Metal finishing/Lubricants   







Thursday, April 3
9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

(TH1) Advanced Sensors

(TH2) Die Setup/Quick Die Change

(TH3) Safety







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