Water-Soluble Lube

October 1, 2008

Tower Oil & Technology Co., Chicago, IL, introduces Klenedraw 3344, a synthetic water-soluble metalforming lubricant that can replace vanishing oils in many applications. It contains a newly developed corrosion-inhibitor package that provides rust protection for wet stacked parts and is safe for all metal alloys including galvanized coatings.

The lube is nonflammable, simple to mix and contains no VOCs. Odorless, it also contains no oil, sulphur or chlorine. Users can weld over the residue without creating hazardous or unpleasant fumes.

Use Klenedraw 3344 for punching, perforating, multi-stage forming, drawing and rollforming.

Tower Oil & Technology Co.: 312/346-0562; www.toweroil.com

Industry-Related Terms: Alloys, Drawing, Forming
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Technologies: Lubrication


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