Here's a Tool and Process for Performance-Testing of Lubricants

September 1, 2016

Irmco Stamping Lubricants, Evanston, IL, through a cooperative partnership with Bennett Tool & Die, Nashville, TN, has built upon the legacy of Dr. Taylan Altan at Ohio State University and its Center for Precision Forming, developing a tool and test method to directly compare stamping-lubricant performance prior to use in production.

Based on the time-tested cup-drawing process, Irmco’s iTool cup-draw process measures and compares frictional forces and deformation temperatures of one or more lubricants. Customer-supplied sheetmetal blanks are used to evaluate lubricants to ensure the closest correlation to actual production conditions experienced in the field.

Housed in a 300-ton Aida servo press, the iTOOL allows for exceptional reproducibility and control of test parameters and data collection, say Irmco officials.

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