Corrosion-Inhibiting Coatings, Dry-Film Lubricants

September 29, 2022


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ChemcoatersVisit Chemcoaters at FABTECH to learn about its patented corrosion-inhibiting InterCoat ChemGuard, dry-film lubricants, acrylics and chemical treatments, surface-preparation coatings, and coil cleaning and reclamation offerings.

InterCoat ChemGuard is Chemcoaters’ patented family of corrosion-inhibiting coatings for galvanized substrates—RoHS-compliant and offering key characteristics including self-healing, adhesion promotion and formability. Not only does it enhance zinc performance, but customers reportedly also can source lower zinc-weight galvanized substrates such as a HDG G30, and obtain equivalent performance to heavy zinc coatings such as HDG G235.


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Technologies: Lubrication


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