Biodegradable Cleaning Products Help Metalformers Go Green

March 1, 2010

Daimer Industries, Woburn, MA, a manufacturer and distributor of commercial cleaning products, has introduced its Eco-Green eco-friendly cleaning chemicals for use by metalforming shops and in die shops. The line includes degreasers, metal cleaners, parts washers and commercial-grade hand soaps.

Eco-Green formulations are derived from plants and vegetables—no ozone-depleting substances, synthetics or volatile organic compounds are included. The chemicals have been certified as readily biodegradable, and biodegrade by more than 90 percent within 28 days, reportedly 50 percent faster than more typically used cleaning products.

Use the Ultra-Power degreaser to penetrate grease, oil and dirt on equipment, tools and industrial flooring; Ultra-Power Parts Washer & Cleaner is a specialized product that also dissolves grease, oil and other organic substances. Use Stainless Steel Shine & Protector to clean, shine and seal stainless-steel surfaces. And, the Hand Wash Cleaner Foam and Hand Wash Cleaner Gel prove to be skin-friendly hand soaps that degrease without any harsh side effects.

Daimer Industries: 888/507-2220;

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