Powerful Multifunctional Surface-Finishing Tool

September 1, 2014

CS Unitec’s newly improved Varilex WSF 1800 speed-controlled surface-finishing and blending tool provides 25-percent more power and increased productivity than the previous model. With a powerful 15-A (1710-W) motor and infinitely variable speed control (2000 to 7600 RPM), the tool stands ready to perform a multitude of tasks from rough grinding and blending to polishing to a mirror finish. Varilex comes standard with a 5-in. safety guard. Optional guards come in sizes 4.5 and 7 in.

Variable speed control, among other benefits, can double the service life of the abrasive disc, prevent glazing of the disc and heat deformation of the workpiece, and can dramatically reduce noise level. The tool’s motor features feedback technology that maintains constant power output and torque regardless of speed, helping to ensure a uniform finish.

Designed and developed for heavy industrial use, Varilex wheels come equipped with an easy-lock clamping nut and spindle-lock button, allowing the user to change discs in seconds without tools. An ergonomic, vibration-reducing balanced handle allows fatigue-free grinding, and the quick-lock-style power cord allows for easy tool changes.

CS Unitec, Inc.: 203/853-9522; www.csunitec.com
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