Solar Atmospheres of Western PA to Commission a Vacuum Oil-Quench Furnace

June 9, 2020

solar-atmospheres-VOQ-furnaceSolar Atmospheres of Western PA (SAWPA), Hermitage, PA, in an effort to expand its material-hardening capabilities, announced plans to install a new vacuum oil-quench (VOQ) furnace early in 2021.  The furnace, under construction by Solar Manufacturing, is designed to overcome any concerns related to environmental safety and health standards, including the explosiveness of the protective endothermic gas and the flammability of open oil-quench tanks. To make room for the 36 by 36 by 48-in. VOP furnace, able to safely quench 2000-lb. loads, SAWPA is constructing a 15,000-sq.-ft. building, which also will house a parts washer, two tempering furnaces and a charge car.
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