A Full Slate of Heattreating Services

March 1, 2008

Advanced Heat Treat Corp., with four locations (Cullman, AL, Monroe, MI, and two plants in Waterloo, IA) will be on hand to discuss its surface treatments for production components and stamping dies for the automotive and aerospace industries. The Cullman operation includes one of the world’s largest nitriding vessels, with a 60,000-lb. capacity and working zone of 110 in. dia. by 240 in. long. The firm’s UltraGlow family of processes includes plasma ion-nitriding, ferritic nitrocarburizing, gas nitriding, induction hardening, carburizing, carbonitriding, oxidation treatment, stress relief, quench and temper, age hardening, cold treatment, cleaning services, polishing, magnetic-particle inspection and metallurgical services.


Industry-Related Terms: Carbonitriding, Carburizing, Ferritic, Induction Hardening, Nitriding, Oxidation, Polishing, Surface
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See also: Advanced Heat Treat Corp.

Technologies: Finishing


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