Deburring and Edge-Rounding Machines, and Coil-Line Control Software

October 1, 2015

ArkuArku Coil Systems, Inc.
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Arku Coil Systems, Cincinnati, OH, demonstrates the EdgeBreaker line of programmable deburring machines; introduces Edge-Racer programmable edge-rounding machines, demonstrates part-leveling technology;. and debuts Arvis 4.0 coil-line-control software.

EdgeBreaker machines can remove thick slag and heavy burrs to 3 mm on metal parts to 80 mm thick and 1300 mm wide. The EdgeBreaker’s oscillating roller self-cleans residue from the grinding belt, while sanding blocks gently round the edges on both sides. The belt is designed to provide high abrasion and allow rapid changes.

EdgeRacer models are designed for use on thinner parts, to 50 mm thick. Made by German brush-technology company Wöhler and sold by Arku, the EdgeRacer can remove oxide layers and handle 3D parts or those with polished, brushed or coated surfaces. Two machine styles provide single-sided or double-sided deburring and rounding, with throughput rates of more than 300 sq. m/hr.

The company also demonstrates rapid, simple parts leveling on the FlatMaster 55, a machine that enables novice users to produce dead-flat, virtually stress-free metal parts on the first try by entering as few as two values into the control: material type and thickness. The servo-hydraulic FlatMaster can leveling and stress-relieve metal parts from 0.5 to 60 mm thick, to 3000 mm wide.

New Arvis 4.0 coil-line-control software brings coil processors higher uptime and productivity with an operator interface designed for the “mobile” generation, giving operators a cockpit display of the condition and performance of a coil line’s interconnected modules.


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