Deburr Tool Eliminates Burrs and Secondary Operations

February 1, 2011

deburr tool eliminates burrs and secondary operations

Mate Precision Tooling, Anoka, MN, introduces the Rollerball Deburr tool to eliminate burrs and secondary operations for users of CNC punch presses. Use it to deburr mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheet of any thickness. The tool fits thick-turret and Trumpf-style applications, and incorporates Mate’s proprietary Rollerball technology that uses the extended programming capabilities of punch presses operating in the x and y axis with the ram down. 

Using a special ball in both the upper and lower part of the tool, the Rollerball Deburr pushes the burr a, creating a slight radius on the punched edge. Smooth to the touch, the deburred edge is consistent and has a finished, aesthetically pleasing appearance. All part contours can be processed with the Rollerball Deburr tool, including small, tight corners.

The tool comes as a complete set including springs for adjusting tension appropriate for the material being punched.

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