Cutoff Wheels Provide Optimal Al-O2 Solution for Ferrous Metals

October 1, 2014

Norton/St. Gobain cutoff wheelsNorton/Saint-Gobain
ooth C1606

Norton/Saint-Gobain, will introduce a major upgrade to its Norton Gemini RightCut wheels, featuring 100-percent aluminum-oxide abrasive infused with a new bond technology and process. The result is a thinner wheel design promising minimal kerf loss. The strong, extra-thin 0.045-in. wheels result in minimal material waste and quick cutting action while providing clean, precise, straight and burr-free cuts.

RightCut wheels, according to company officials, offer up to 20-percent faster cutting than do standard wheels and up to 70 percent longer life than conventional wheels. Use them with portable, guarded right-angle grinders for slotting and cutoff applications including work on bolts and studs, angle iron, tubing and sheetmetal. Type 01 (4- to 7-in. dia.) and Type 27 (4- to 9-in. dia.) wheels are available.
Industry-Related Terms: Burr-Free, Abrasive
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