Abrasives for Aluminum Cutting, Grinding and Finishing

April 1, 2018

Weiler Abrasives Group, Cresco, PA, has published its Aluminum Solutions Guide, featuring the company’s comprehensive line of contaminant-free abrasives for cutting, grinding and finishing aluminum. The new guide also includes an overview of common challenges faced when working with aluminum, along with suggested techniques for overcoming these difficult issues.

Offerings include Tiger Aluminum resin-fiber discs, ideal for grinding, blending and finishing. These discs reduce heat buildup to delay melting and prevent the disc from loading. Results include higher cut rates, long life and a superior finish, according to company officials. Tiger Aluminum cutting, grinding and combination wheels are designed with a nonloading formula to prevent gumming and increase durability. Tiger Ceramic Saber Tooth flap discs feature a grinding aid that protects parts from heat discoloration, along with self-sharpening ceramic alumina grain for cool, rapid cutting action.

Additional offerings include nonwoven products for finishing, and power brushes and scratch brushes for cleaning aluminum.

Weiler Abrasives Group: www.weilercorp.com/aluminumsolutions
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