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Rocklin Debuts Turnkey Automation for Hard Surface Coating

January 20, 2022

rocklin-manufacturing-rocklinizer-automationRocklin Manufacturing, Sioux City, IA, has introduced a turnkey automation solution for its Rocklinizer carbide-application equipment line—Rocklinizer Automation. The Rocklinizer spark deposition process applies hard and wear-resistant coatings onto steel surfaces to extend machine life, reduce downtime, delay capital expenditures, reduce inventory and optimize grip. Typically achieved through a manual coating process, with the introduction of Rocklinizer Automation manufacturers can apply the coating in an automated three-step process.

1.  Measure and position the workpiece in the machine’s large X-Y frame.

2. Insert the electrode into the applicator and adjust power and speed as needed.

3. Input the part dimensions using the integrated touchscreen control and trigger the coating process.

Unlike welding or metal spraying, the process generates a minimal amount of heat, and the electrode material will not separate or flake off. After Rocklinizing, no heat treatment, grinding or other surface treatment is necessary.

Use the process to improve the grip on tube-bending dies, collets and robot grippers; eliminate slug pullback during punching and stamping; increase cutting-tool life; and more.

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