Quality Industries Adds High-Tech Powdercoating Line

October 1, 2015

Quality Industries (QI) Inc., La Vergne, TN, has invested $3.7 million in a new, state-of-the-art powder-coating system at its main operational metalworking facility just outside of Nashville.

Custom-designed, QI’s new system includes a Nordson ColorMax II spray booth and upgraded conveyor, with customized washing and oven systems. Beyond this system, the company already has significantly advanced its fundamental chemical technology—converting from an iron-phosphate system to an environmentally friendly zirconium-based powdercoating technology.

Specific features of the new system include: an I-beam conveyor system that allows for larger, heavier parts and a faster line speed; a washing system that accommodates longer and wider parts—equipped with feedback sensors for chemical monitoring of usage and efficiency; a system that reportedly exceeds industry standards by yielding more than 2500 hr. of corrosion resistance based on ASTM testing; and an oven system that prevents thermal conduction and virtually eliminates radiant heat emitted to shop floor.

Additionally, the spray booth changes colors in as little as 10 min., whereas the previous system required 30 min. Overall, these improvements have increased processing speed by nearly 50 percent, according to company officials.

The investment is part of a larger $12.5-million company-wide capital program for 2015.
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