Coated Saw Blades Increase Service Life Over AlTiN

December 1, 2013

Users of flying cutoff saws will appreciate the new nanocomposite PVD coating that Tru-Cut Saw, Brunswick, OH, is using to dramatically increase the life of circular saw blades. The new coating, called ViTA-Nano and developed by Tru-Cut’s ICO Surface Coatings Division, is a proprietary combination of titanium, aluminum, aluminum-titanium, chrome and silicon. Unlike multilayer coatings in which each material is deposited consecutively, with ViTA-Nano all cathodes in the PVD chamber are turned on at once. This reportedly results in a more cohesive, harder coating.

Saw blades coated with the material will run a minimum of 30 to 50 percent faster, say company officials, with less scrap and increased production rates compared to AlTiN coatings. They’re recommended for flying saw machines, re-cut machines and high-production sawing machines.

Tru-Cut Saw’s ICO Surface Coatings Division offers PVD coating and recoating services for all types of new and used saw blades, tools and wear parts. Equipped with two state-of-the-art coating chambers and carrousels, Tru-Cut and ICO offers standard and special surface treatments using coating chambers capable of handling parts as large as 1250 by 700 mm.

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