Aerospace Supplier Aeroforma Adds Quintus Hydroform Deep-Draw Press

March 5, 2021

The addition of a new hydroform deep-draw press from Quintus Technologies has brought increased capacity, flexibility and production efficiencies to aerospace-parts manufacturer Aeroforma Technologies, Cheltenham, UK.  The model QFM 1.1-800 press provides hydraulic pressure to 11,600 psi and features a movable-punch forming system to enable deep drawing of intricate shapes.

The Quintus Flexform process employs a unique combination of a single rigid tool half operating in conjunction with a flexible rubber diaphragm subjected to high hydraulic pressure. The QFM 1.1-800 features two forming stations, one for deep draw with a maximum blank diameter of 43.1 in. and maximum draw depth of 10 in.; the second forming station accommodates block-tool, cavity-tool and expansion-tool forming.

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