Waterjet Cutting Machines Feature Large Cutting Envelopes

September 29, 2021

WardJet-M-Series-M-2540-waterjetM-Series waterjet cutting machines from Wardjet offer a high-speed, high-acceleration, large-format solution for production on large and multiple sheets. Bridge-style M-Series machines are available with cutting envelopes ranging from 2.5 by 4 m to 10 by 4 m. Designed for industry-standard sheet sizes, the M-Series maximizes access to the cutting area, and allows for multi-zone cutting, utilizing every inch of the cutting area and, thus, reducing waste.

Mid-rail machine design allows simple access to material on all sides, enabling use of more of the machine bed. Wardjet’s Move touch-control software offers a queue feature—fill the tank with material and plan out jobs with this feature, which allows loading and placing of additional jobs while the machine is running. M-Series machines can employ the Apex 60 cutting head, which produces increased cutting speed while preserving edge quality and straightness. And, from the machine controller, easily switch from single-head production for large applications to multi-head production.

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