Specializes in Complicated Work, Quick Turnaround

Arro-Jet specializes in handling complicated jobs that other waterjet shops cannot undertake, according to Arce. The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)-certified company benefits from Arce’s mechanical-engineering experience and programming expertise. In addition to his job-shop cutting services, Arce, with his mechanical-engineering degree, also provides engineering consulting services to other waterjet users. His company also specializes in rapid turnarounds.

Arro-Jet cuts the Boeing engine pieces at a water pressure of 55,000 psi
Arro-Jet cuts the Boeing engine pieces at a water pressure of 55,000 psi with a 0.012/0.045-in.-dia. orifice/nozzle combination using 1 lb. of abrasive garnet per minute. Waterjet is ideal for this application because it leaves a smooth edge that doesn’t need to be ground away, explains company owner Jose Luis Arce, adding that the cold-cutting process does not leave a heat-affected zone.
“If they want it tomorrow, they will have it tomorrow,” he says.

Key to the three Jet Edge systems employed by Arro-Jet are the abilities to cut with multiple cutting heads and to tightly nest parts.

For example, one customer needed parts cut from twenty 84 by 40-in., 3-in.-thick titanium plates valued at $50,000/plate. The customer expected to receive nine parts from each plate, relates Arce, but tight nesting by Arro-Jet produced 10. As a result, the customer received 20 extra parts.

“That’s one reason why customers come back,” Arce says. MF

Article supplied by Jet Edge, St. Michael, MN; 800/JET-EDGE; www.jetedge.com.
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