New Model-Based Waterjet Software

November 1, 2016

Flow International Corp., Kent, WA, introduces its next generation of waterjet software, FlowXpert 2016—a robust CAD/CAM platform for 3D pathing and cutting that allows users to work more effectively in 3D, with less complexity.

The software integration was engineered in partnership with Ansys SpaceClaim and incorporates waterjet-cutting best practices such as application tips, material cut-speed knowledge, improved pathing algorithms and expanded lead-in/lead-out customization. The program anticipates what steps are needed to provide a premier cut, and users get faster, smarter, interactive modeling integrated into a familiar interface.

The integration with the CAM Flow Sequencer module lets users design a part and path it in the same program. Modifying the geometry of a part is possible without losing the path, and the integration with Flow Sequencer will automatically update the path to accommodate the changes. FlowXpert 2016 will detect model and path errors and suggests fixes.

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