In the Spotlight: Waterjet Precision and Versatility

October 1, 2014

Omax JetMachining CentersOmax Corp.
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Omax Corp. will demonstrate the speed, accuracy and versatility of its Omax 80X (shown) and Maxiem 1530 JetMachining Centers as they cut a variety of material types and thicknesses. Ideal for cutting large-scale components or multiple-part projects from exotic alloys and other materials, the 80X is a robust, reliable system that requires minimal maintenance.

At FABTECH, watch the bridge-style machine go to work with a 100-hp direct-drive pump with EnduroMax technology. Show attendees also will enjoy learning how the Tilt-A-Jet cutting-head accessory enables the 80X to achieve zero taper with no reduction in cutting speed for the precision cutting of parts with square, taper-free edges, including interlocking pieces and dovetail fittings. They will also see how the optional rotary axis provides six-axis cutting capability to create accurate, complex 3D parts from CAD drawings or DXF files.
Also on display, and perfect for job shops and metal service centers: the all-new Maxiem 1530 paired with a highly efficient 40-hp direct-drive pump and optional A-Jet multiaxis cutting head.
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