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The Latest in Cold Saws, Ironworkers and Hydraulic Presses

September 29, 2022

Scotchman Industries

Booth BC15301, BC15401

Scotchman IndustriesA complete range of general to heavy-duty metal fabrication machinery from Scotchman will showcase the features, benefits and cut quality of the firm’s ironworkers, hydraulic presses, cold saws and more. Among the equipment on display: the DO95 dual-operator ironworker boasting a hydraulic system designed with two pumps, allowing two operators to use the machine at the same time and ensuring that both operations have full hydraulic pressure and speed; and the model 5014-ET ironworker, reportedly the world’s first and only 50-ton hydraulic ironworker with a revolving three-station turret punch. Among the hydraulic presses on display is the PressPro 110, a 110-ton workshop press with a movable cylinder (left-right) and an in-height-adjustable worktable, ideal for assembly, straightening, fabrication, bending and forming.

Industry-Related Terms: Bending, Model, Turret
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Technologies: Cutting, Stamping Presses


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