Software Supports Optimized Plasma-Arc Cutting

May 1, 2009

Hypertherm, Inc., Hanover, NH, has updated its popular Phoenix software with versions 6 and 8.5, including the same capabilities as the original version but with added features to support the firm’s new HyPerformance HPR400XD 400-A plasma-arc-cutting machine. These features include improved cutting charts, piercing parameters and auto-gas support. Additionally, Phoenix 8.5 adds updated cutting charts for the company’s Powermax45 machine.

Phoenix software comes with Remote Help, a quick and simple to remotely connect a machine’s CNC to the OEM and Hypertherm, if needed. Remote help allows metalformers to transfer or download setup files, part programs and software updates.

Phoenix 8.5 also includes CutPro Wizard, which works similarly with wizards found on common computer-software programs to allow even inexperienced operators to run a table in less than 5 min. In all, the software boasts more than 40 enhancements, including the ability to store custom cut charts for later use, and cut-plate remnants to minimize material costs.

Phoenix Version 6 comes preloaded on all Edge II controllers from Hypertherm Automation, while Phoenix Version 8.5 comes preloaded on all new Edge Ti, Voyager, Mariner and MicroEdge controls.

Hypertherm, Inc.: 603/643-3441;

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