Powerful, Portable Plasma Cutter

April 27, 2020

Esab-Cutmaster-40Esab introduced at FABTECH 2019 its Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 40 manual plasma cutting system, successor to the Cutmaster 42. Designed for light construction, mechanical contracting and maintenance/repair applications, to name a few, it weighs 22 lb., has the flexibility to use 115 to 230-V primary power and delivers a rated output of 40 A at 40-percent duty-cycle. On 230-V primary power, it delivers a recommended cut and pierce capacity on 1⁄2-in.-thick steel and can sever steel to 1 in. thick. On 115-V primary power, it delivers a recommended cut and pierce on 3⁄8-in.-thick steel. To use 115 V simply requires connecting the supplied 115-V adapter to the hardwired 230-V plug. It comes with the SL60 1Torch with 20-ft. torch lead and a torch connection that enables an additional 25 ft. of torch lead.

Also shown at the Esab booth, newly launched Sentinel auto-darkening welding helmets with true-color technology for greater clarity and 9.27 in. of viewing area.


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