Hypertherm Associates: New Name for Manufacturer of Hypertherm Plasma and Omax Waterjet Products

June 23, 2022

Hypertherm-Associates-LogoHypertherm announced that it has changed its corporate name to Hypertherm Associates (www.hyperthermassociates.com), representing the company’s evolution from a manufacturer of plasma cutting products to a multi-technology provider of industrial cutting solutions, and to underscore the importance of its on-staff associates. 

Hypertherm Associates will continue to offer industrial cutting solutions including plasma, waterjet, software and more, organized under four distinct businesses. Hypertherm will continue as the brand for plasma cutting products, while Omax will remain the name for its waterjet cutting systems. Two newly defined groups, the Hypertherm Associates Software Group and Hypertherm Associates Aftermarket Group, will encompass product brands such as ProNest and Robotmaster software, and Centricut laser and AccuStream waterjet parts.

Along with the new name, Hypertherm Associates is introducing a new corporate logo (pictured), designed to resemble a nest of cut parts, and updated logos for its technology brands. 

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