Simple Setup, Heavy-Duty 2D Cutting

December 7, 2022

Prima Power-FABTECH-2022-Laser-Genius-laser-cutting-compact-server-material-handlingAt FABTECH…Prima Power featured the Laser Genius+ with Compact Server, developed to cut large and heavy workpieces precisely and at high speeds. Rated to a trajectory speed of 180 m/min. and acceleration of 2.8 g, the 2D-cutting machines come in three sizes and with a range of laser powers to satisfy a variety of application needs. Maximum X-Y-axis travel: 6320 by 2200 mm. Integrated software modules simplify processes, and artificial-intelligence algorithms provide advanced monitoring and process-control functions. 

This plug-and-play machine provides for rapid install times and features a symmetrical and reversible layout that increases ergonomics and ease of integration into any production context. It includes two 24-in. full-HD monitors and a 4K video camera as standard, as well as integrated software modules that simplify processes, new sensors, and artificial-intelligence algorithms for advanced monitoring and process-control functions. The Laser Genius+ can be connected to the range of Prima Power automation systems. At FABTECH, the machine was shown with the Compact Server automatic loading and unloading device for raw and processed sheets—a compact configuration that provides flexible material handling.

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