Rapid Laser Cutting for Tubes and Profiles

April 2, 2024

BLM-Group-LT12-Lasertube-laser-tube-cuttingBLM Group USA has released the latest addition to its Lasertube offering: the LT12, bridging the gap between the company’s larger LT14, designed for processing long, heavy profiles, and the smaller LT8.20 for small batches of medium to large sections and open profiles. The LT12 can cut light and heavy tubes and profiles to 305-mm dia. while providing flexibility, high performance and speed — 55% less cutting time than other machines capable of the same maximum diameter, according to company officials. 

The LT12, available with 3-, 4- or 5-kW laser power, does not require a special foundation and features a 3D cutting head with a slim design for processing special sections and beams. Integrated sensors monitor optics parameters during operation. As with all BLM Group tube laser cutting machines, the machine comes equipped with an Active Tools library that reportedly maximizes efficiency and ease of use.

The LT12 can process tubes to 62 kg/m and can load and unload lengths. Configurable in two lengths, 8.5 and 12.5 m, its chain loader allows bars of different cross-sections and lengths to be arranged on the loading chains. The unloader features a conveyor belt for shorter parts and unloading chains to stage longer parts. Operators can configure the short part conveyor quickly to unload parts into a crate to function as a buffer. The scrap conveyor evacuates scrap into a bin located on the rear side of the machine.

The machine also features BLM Group’s Active Scan technology, which auto-corrects the positioning of geometries on the tubes to be cut, adjusting for tube deformations to ensure real-time accuracy and reduce waste. A scrap-efficiency mode further minimizes waste. 

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