Laser-Cutting System Tackles Tough Tube-Cutting Tasks

September 1, 2009

Trumpf Inc., Farmington, CT, introduces the TruLaser Tube 7000, a laser-cutting system that processes tubes inside a tunnel-like safety enclosure and then, depending on size, moves them forward to a brush table or ejects them to a parts container behind the machine. The system can cut tubes and profiles to 30 ft. long and as heavy as 496 lb., and boasts a clamping range of 0.6 to 10 in. Laser power peaks at 3.6 kW
Laser-cutting system tackles tough tube-cutting tasks

The FocusLine function of the TruLaser Tube 7000 automatically adapts the laser focal position to the material type and thickness. The machine’s software independently adjusts to the focus parameters given in the technology table, minimizing setup time. Also new is a slender cutting head with a 6-in. lens and new clutch, designed for flexibility and process safety.

When combined with Trumpf’s LoadMaster Tube, which features a tube magazine that can hold 8000 lb. of raw material, the TruLaser Tube 7000 can be fully automated. Its pivoting feed support holds several tubes and keeps them at constant orientation. The loading unit performs a feasibility test to compare the tube geometry with the parts program.

The TruLaser Tube 7000 works with a new version of Trumpf’s TruTops Tube software that allows fabricators to efficiently process complex tube designs. For example, a fabricator can position one 3D tube on another, instead of designing and programming individual tubes. This saves time since parameters such as length, width, height, wall thickness and spacing between cutouts can readily be modified to generate any number of variations.

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