Laser-Cutting System Delivers Accuracy, Speed and Reliability

March 1, 2008

Laser-cutting system delivers accuracy

Providing accuracy that can be realized across a number of processes, the Pulsar 2415NT productionlaser system from Amada America, Inc., Buena Park, CA, features reliable high-speed cutting, simple material loading and automated unloading of multiple parts, according to company officials.

Designed for the high-volume short-run production of sheetmetal parts, the redesigned machine includes a new high-speed capacitance head for more rapid cutting and enhanced plasma resistance; a quick-change cartridge-style lens and nozzle; and an improved optical delivery system for precise beam control. The machine comes with a 4000- or 2500-W resonator.

The Pulsar NT series integrates an AMNC-F, NT-based control and a turbine-driven, RF-excited, CO2 laser resonator into the machine frame. Then, aided by a unique motion system, the Pulsar can support high-volume production in, reportedly, half the floor space of previous-generation laser-cutting machines. A digitally controlled electronic shutter and advanced software enable rapid piercing, while delivering turret-like throughput in high-utilization materials such as cold-rolled steel.

The system provides independent CNC control of focus, nozzle height and assist gases, which provides greater cutting flexibility when changing material types and thicknesses during automated processing. DoubleCut, Amada’s patented stacked-sheet cutting technology, facilitates positioning speeds of 3150 in./min in the x and y axes. A z-axis speed of 2363 in./min. allows rapid laser-head response when cutting formed parts.

The system features automated material handling—its oversized, full-material-width work chute automatically moving parts for continuous-flow manufacturing and unattended operation.

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