Laser Cutting and Automation Team for High-Output Production

December 7, 2022

MC Machinery-FABTECH-2022-GX-F-Advanced-laser-cutting-SmartFlex-Element-Type-R-automationAt FABTECH…MC Machinery displayed the GX-F Advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled 10- and 12-kW fiber laser cutting machines, equipped with state-of-the-art automation systems. The 12-kW machine—the newest addition to MC Machinery’s Mitsubishi Laser lineup—connected to the SmartFlex Element Type R automation system (pictured), while the 10-kw GX-F Advanced connected to the new Astes4 Skyway high-speed laser sorting system. To help ease concerns over the ongoing shortage of skilled manufacturing workers, the intuitive AI technology allows simplified use of the GX-F Advanced series for operators of all skill levels, offer company officials.

By integrating advanced gas-reduction technology, this series of laser cutting machines reportedly delivers more power while using as much as 77-percent-less nitrogen than previous machines. It also reportedly offers high processing stability with improved beam-quality consistency; beam-cleaning and anti-reflection technologies; elimination of setup time between differing materials; low operating cost coupled with long consumables life; elimination of material scratching; optimized cutting speed; onsite or remote monitoring of the cutting process; and reduced piercing time.

As for the automation equipment displayed at FABTECH, the SmartFlex Element Type R features a small footprint that allows for use in limited production space where high-volume, lights-out capabilities are needed. The Astes4 Skyway high-speed laser sorting system reportedly is ideal for fabricators facing worker shortages and bottlenecks resulting from the increased productivity of higher-volume fiber lasers. Its modular sorting capability maximizes productivity and efficiency of downstream operations.

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