Laser Cutter Boasts High Throughput

May 1, 2008

Mitsubishi Laser, through MC Machinery Systems, Inc., Wood Dale, IL, introduces the next generation of its LVPlus laser-cutting machine. The new LVPlus combines several new performance-enhancing features and its flexible automation is versatile and expandable, with several options to maximize throughput based on consumer needs.

The machine’s new 40CF-R resonator technology reduces the rise time and fall time of the square-wave pulse. This provides more consistent beam power during the cutting process and delivers a more brilliant and consistent edge quality, according to company officials. Additionally, the uniform low-current discharge provides low-power stability for improved micromachining and etching.

Its new Brilliantcut technology, which can produce a cutting-surface roughness equivalent to the typical machined finish, provides optimal processing conditions, reduced taper and reduced discoloring on the heat-affected zone.

Also, new Jet Pierce technology decreases part time by allowing material to be pierced faster and more aggressively during small-hole processing. Improved height-sensor hardware gives the machine twice the tracing ability of the original machine.

Mitsubishi’s Diamond-Path technology maintains consistent beam quality by using a constant beam-length system. It provides cutting stability at speeds to 1150 in./min. across all processing areas.

MC Machinery Systems, Inc.: 630/616-5920;

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