Laser Chillers

October 2, 2019

Chase Cooling Systems
Booth A3105

Chase Cooling Systems spotlights its chiller series for laser-specific applications. All laser units come standard with a nonferrous water circuit to resist corrosion. The variable-frequency-drive pump delivers the constant outlet pressure that laser applications require. Tight temperature control of ±0.1 deg. C is possible with the hot-gas bypass valve on the refrigeration circuit. Other chillers in the series include fully stainless-steel brazed plate heat exchangers, the ideal configuration when using deionized water. A QBE Laser 014 provides two separate water circuits in one unit. Both the laser source and the optics can be cooled independently from a single chiller. The separately controlled water circuits can be set at different temperatures, and the inclusion of an electric heater avoids cold start-up. This new series seeks to expand Chase Cooling Systems’ presence in the laser industry with a variety of sizes available, from 0.5 to 7 tons. Representatives will be available during the show to discuss these new chillers or other process cooling options. 

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