Cut 3D Parts After They’ve Been Formed

October 23, 2020

Cut and trim bent tubes, hydroformed components, tubular assemblies, pre-welded or deep-drawn parts, and flat or stamped plates with maximum efficiency and excellent cut quality every time. With BLM Group’s family of 3D laser cutting solutions, robots eliminate manual repositioning to fabricate very complex parts in a single process with short cycle times, minimizing part cost while improving quality.

Three-dimensional laser cutting offers the following advantages:

  • Flexibility: Cut a variety of 3D shapes in different materials and thicknesses.
  • Productivity: Faster cutting speeds, especially on thin materials, combined with automatic material handling offers significant advantages in terms of competitiveness.
  • Accuracy: Laser cutting concentrates a great deal of power in an extremely small area, allowing for a much thinner and faster cut. The surface of the cut edge is much less inclined than with plasma, and rework is eliminated.

BLMGroup-LTFree-laser-cuttingLT-Free—Five Axis
The LT-FREE five-axis fiber laser cutting machine is perfect for processing any 3D part with high precision and excellent cut quality. Suited to all production needs, it combines production start-up speed with the possibility of producing an almost unlimited variety of three-dimensional profiles.

BLMGroup-LTFree-laser-cut-partsThe LT-Free replaces traditional machining operations such as cutting, drilling, punching and milling, allowing a single machine to perform all processes. This eliminates setup time, reduces material handling, eliminates work-in-progress inventory and downsizes space needed for storage, allowing metal formers to get the finished part in a single work cycle.

The LT-FREE comes with power to 5 kW, table dimensions of 59 by 39 in., and axis stroke to x= 116 in., y= 37 in., and z=29 in. Four different configurations are available based on throughput and part size.

BLMGroup-LT360-laser-cuttingLT360—Six Axis

The LT360 features a fiber laser cutting head mounted on a six-axis robot working in tandem with a part-handling robot. This machine produces complex geometries in any 3D piece in a single process, helping to eliminate secondary operations. It is ideal for small and medium-sized batches and for prototypes, offering a low cost per part, super-fast programming, ease of use, and unlimited feasibility.

It is configurable and compact, consisting of a cutting head mounted on a six-axis robot, and a working table with a work area of 1500 by 1000 mm.  For increased productivity, a 20-kg-capacity handling robot and part-holding table can be integrated. Available with a 2- or 3-kW fiber laser source, the LT360 is offered in three different configurations, all with easy accessibility for maintenance, cleaning, inspection and workpiece loading and unloading.

Key to the LT-Free and LT360 effectiveness is the BLMelements integrated software suite, uniting design, programming, simulation, and multi-machine production management in a single source. Transform design to production in one click to produce parts right, right from the first part.

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