Bystronic Partners with MSS Nitrogen on Nitrogen-Generation and Gas-Mixing Products

February 5, 2021

Bystronic-NitrO2-NicroCubeBystronic Inc., Hoffman Estates, IL, and MSS Nitrogen Inc., Rockhill, SC, have entered into a partnership agreement to supply the NitroCube nitrogen-generation system (to provide high-purity nitrogen to fiber-laser cutting machines) and the NitrO2 Mixing portable gas-mixing system to the North American market. MSS will supply the NitroCube - Bystronic N2 Generation powered by MSS, and the Bystronic NitrO2 Mixing powered by MSS products, and provide installation, training and service, while Bystronic will be responsible for sales and distribution of the systems.  

NitroCube models (pictured) deliver nitrogen at 4350 psi, with standard models producing volumes from 11,000 to 42,000 ft.3/day, and high-flow models providing volumes from 59,000 to 169,500 ft.3/day. The NitrO2 mixes oxygen and nitrogen in real-time and supports cutting pressures to 500 psi. 


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Technologies: Cutting


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