Advanced-Programming CNC Control for Laser-Cutting Machines

March 1, 2009

MC Machinery Systems, Inc., Wood Dale, IL, introduces the Mitsubishi 700 Series CNC control as standard for its entire product line. When used with its laser-cutting machines, the M700 expands cutting conditions and functionality. Dubbed BrilliantCut, the technology produces a cutting-surface roughness near machine finish, according to company officials, eliminating secondary operations and decreasing production times. BrilliantCut also provides improved part straightness, optimal processing conditions, reduced taper and reduced discoloring of the heat-affected zone. Jet Pierce programming technology decreases work time by allowing material to be pierced faster and more aggressively during small-hole processing, while improved height-sensor hardware provides improves tracing ability.

When used for waterjet cutting, Water CAM programming allows the user to select the types and quantities of stored pieces to be cut from one or more plates, optimizing production and reducing waste via automatic nesting. The software generates an automatic estimation of the work and calculates costs, timing and cutting lengths. Additionally, Water CAD programming quickly processes all the contours of materials in 2D, offering automatic looping and tag insertion, automatic common cut and automatic small ridges for a unique cut.

And, for wire EDM, users get 3D-PM (Power Master), which analyzes 3D data and recognizes shape characteristics. Machining is improved with nozzle-close conditions, and transition lines and streaks can be easily eliminated.

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