12-kW Capability on Flat-Sheet Laser Cutting Machines

September 16, 2021

BLM-12-kW-flat-sheet-lasers-LS5At FABTECH…BLM Group USA showcased increased processing power for its LS5 (pictured) and LC5 flat-sheet laser cutting machines with the new option of a 12-kW fiber laser source. The LS5, shown with available automation features, can work in tandem with the company’s new ProBend press brakes.

The LS5 and LC5 can cut steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, brass and aluminum sheets in thicknesses from 0.039 to 1.37 in., and users can specify the power level, from 2 to 12 kW, for their needs. The machines feature simultaneous-axis speed to 196 m/min. and swift acceleration paired with rigid mechanical structures. 

Available bed sizes include 10 by 5 ft., 13 by 6.5 ft. and 20 by 6.5 ft.—all equipped with dual shelves and automatic loading/unloading and changeover. Depending on floor-space and production-flow requirements, users can choose a longitudinal or transversal configuration. 
Ergonomic design enables convenient access to the production area with large front-door openings. And, the operator panel can be swiveled and moved along the front side of the machine for optimal viewing of the cutting process in all conditions.

The LC5 also can accommodate a tube-processing module with the sheet and tube functioning autonomously—just sharing the cutting head. 

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