Precision Leveler

October 1, 2017

Allor Manufacturing, Inc.
Booth A4489

Allor Manufacturing will show its pull-through slitting-line leveler for precision leveling. The moveable lower platen provides variable roll plunges based upon gauge and yield-strength settings entered by the operator. Four hydraulic cylinders—each operated by a proportional valve and linear-displacement transducer—automatically position the lower platen to the desired plastification settings. Precision roll bending of the upper backup-bearing chocks corrects localized defects such as crossbow, longitudinal bow, center buckle and edge wave. Roll bending is real-time, and is entered from existing saved programs or operator input.

A cassette-change system with a side-shift cart assembly allows for rapid, hands-free cassette changing.

Industry-Related Terms: Bending, Center, Edge, Gauge
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Technologies: Coil and Sheet Handling


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