Blanking Line Combines Punch and Cut-to-Length Shear to Accelerate Edge-Profile Production

September 1, 2015

Two years ago, German manufacturer Wirth GmbH, a producer of vacuum-based lifting equipment, had to decide whether to add a punch to its 20-yr.-old blanking line, or buy a new machine. The decision: Buy new, and it selected a Schuler Powerline S blanking line with an integrated, fully automatic punch. Installed earlier this year, it’s already paying dividends.

“We received an order for 34 metric tons of edge profiles—parts to 6 m long, which a single employee operating the new line completed within 8 hr.,” reports production manager Rainer Roth. “That’s a huge savings. With the old machine it would have taken at least 24 hr. and required two employees.” The job included perforation after decoiling, straightening and cutting to length.

The Powerline S includes automatic loading and rewinding of the coil, coil-edge regulation, and functions such as straightening, perforating, punching, notching, embossing, part marking and cutting.

Wirth GmbH ultimately realized the need to invest in advanced technology when it added purlins and crossbars to its range of edge profiles, which typically require perforating. Its old machine lacked an automatic punch unit.

As the new system does away with heavy physical work, it has quickly found favor with the operators. Moreover, staff were involved from an early stage in the decision-making process.

“Although they had to adapt initially,” says Roth, “they enjoy working on such a modern machine.”

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