A Conveyor Stacking System for Steel and Aluminum

November 1, 2016

Atlas Technologies has introduced the Multi-Vac conveyor stacking system, developed to meet the needs of companies that process steel and aluminum for the automotive industry.

“We believe that the use of aluminum for auto-body construction will increase over a substantial transitional period,” says Bill Rogner, Atlas Technologies director of sales. “The Multi-Vac system provides a means for high-speed blanking of steel and aluminum with a single-design sheet piler, operating under identical parameters.”

The conveyor system can be configured like traditional steel-only magnetic pilers. It can provide single, double or triple stacking stations as well as a reject and inspection station. Material thickness can range from 0.6 to 3.2 mm for steel and aluminum. And, it is equipped to accommodate contoured, waffle-edge, trapezoid, square and rectangle blanks. Operating speed is blank dependent, but small, simple blanks can run at 80 strokes/min.

Minimum blank-size requirement: 300 mm long and 400 mm wide. Among key features:

  • Slow and drop piling mode offers reduced blank-edge impact while piling at high production rates;
  • Use of multiple vacuum pumps--pumps not used for narrow parts are shut off, saving energy;
  • Drop-zone control is provided on 300-mm increments; and
  • Belts are automatically guided and tensioned.
Atlas Technologies: www.atlastechnologies.com
Industry-Related Terms: Blanking, Run, Thickness, Blank
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Technologies: Coil and Sheet Handling, Pressroom Automation


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