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Function: Produces screw holes, tube holders and locators, and doubles as a connector.

Benefit: When paired with a round hole, the extrusion snaps and locks two parts in place.


Function: Designed for sheet stopping and as a weld locator.

Benefit: Scrapes material into a stop on one side of the material, leaving no holes or marks on the opposite side.


Function: Used for parts that require dividers, ventilation or wire tie-downs.

Benefit: Doubles as an efficient sheet-topping solution.


Function: With two to 120-plus tips per punch, makes holes with each stroke of the machine.

With two to 120-plus tips per punch, perforating with cluster tools is fast and efficient.

Benefits: Less time required for punching and managing sheet stretch. Combats sheet distortion and oil canning that can result from perforation applications. Add a back-bending die to reduce distortion further.


Function: Creates louvers for airflow or ventilation applications.

Benefit: Also can be used to create stops in less time and for less money than using jigs or fixtures.

Half Shear

Function: Aids in assembly and reduces the need for jigs and fixtures.

Benefit: An additional stopping option.


Function: Offers an unlimited range of sheet-marking options.

Benefits: Used for both sheet scribing and dot-matrix marking on a range of materials, eliminating the need to change tools each time produce a different mark. MF

Industry-Related Terms: Bending, Die, Form, Forming, LASER, Oil Canning, Punch Press, Stroke, Turret Press, Turret, CNC
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Technologies: CNC Punching


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